"Music has always been like air to me."
is a soulful singer-songwriter and guitarist who pens songs about life experiences, love, and the pursuit of inner peace and happiness. Smooth vocals, poetically written lyrics, witty banter, and feel-good melodies best describe the Kyla Simone live experience.

Growing up in a family of musicians and creatives, Kyla Simone’s attraction to music and songwriting was organic. Over the years Kyla found her niche as an Acoustic Soul Artist. This Spring. Ms. Simone debuts her R&B single “Love You Already” which is a song for those who are optimistically looking forward to connecting with true love, while readying themselves to reciprocate the love they desire.

Kyla's mission is to introduce a holistic, faith-filled perspective and empower her fans to move boldly toward their goals. She does this, not only as an artist but also as the Founder of Girls and Guitarist, a community and platform she developed to create performance and music education opportunities for girls and women who share a passion for playing guitar and performing.

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