Kyla Simone
Born and raise in the DC Metropolitan area, singer-songwriter Kyla Simone has been knee deep in music and art since she was young. Having grown up around a family of musicians and creatives, Kyla was naturally drawn to music and songwriting, and in her college years away in fashion school she picked up her first guitar and learned to play it by ear. 
Kyla's debut faith-based contemporary soul EP "Fly Soar" released in 2014 and she went on to release several singles over the next years. The two things Kyla has been known for among her music peers is her lavish vocal arrangements and rich lyrics.

For over 15 years now Kyla has been performing and hosting live music events throughout the DMV area and beyond. Now she is expanding her brand to empower other artists and help them reach their dreams.
Kyla Simone founded Girls and Guitars in 2016,  an organization custom built for female singer-songwriters who have a desire to master the guitar and grow as artists and in a community of goal getters. The driving force behind this rising platform is showcases and events, music education, and community. You can learn more about this unique movement at
Kyla is also working to develop the Girls and Guitars University which will provide educational tools and resources to help girls and women achieve their goals of mastering their instruments and becoming masterful music business women. Support this initiative by purchasing custom designed (by Kyla) Girls and Guitars products here. 

After a bit of a break from recording, this year Ms. Simone began working on her debut full length album which centers around the life lessons she has learned from dating and relationships. Still faith-based, this soulful album will be honest and provide notes of wisdom for growth, self-awareness, and healing.